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About Us

Arthur Stevens CEO Owner, James Williams-Investor Owner

War Ravens LLC is a veteran owned small business that was originally created in July of 2019 as a way of selling and marketing Vathian Realms novels, as well as related apparel and novelties. 

The novels are an up and coming fantasy based fixed-world setting at is very similar to Forgotten Realms or Dragonlance type novels. This has extended into a RPG being developed based on the SRD5 Open Gaming License. If you wish to learn more about the Vathian Realms, you can do so at arthurstevens.com.When COVID-19 hit, and Comic Cons and Book Conventions all but a memory, it became evident that a different approach was going to be needed to reach you the public.

 So the War Ravens LLC online store was developed and designed to specifically meet the needs of fantasy readers and gamers alike. If you have any ideas of how we might better serve those needs, you can contact us at the below listed information.